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"Customer Gallery"


I have finally gotten a chance to start a Customer Gallery.  If you are interested in having your work shown here, just email me your contact information, and pictures.  Pictures need to be 300 x 400 and I would prefer 300 dpi, but I can work with small dpi if I need to. Names are listed in Alphabetical Order.
Deborah MacVicar

Deb is a Jewelry Artist in Scotland.  I love Scotland!!!!  It is so green and the people are so wonderful.  Deb lives on one of the islands off the coast, so I can understand why she would be drawn to shells.  A lot of her work is with Pearls and Gemstones, so of course they greatly appeal to me!!! 

Below is one of Deb's necklaces made with one of my shells. This was a custom order and I am thrilled that it turned out so lovely!

Deb's Ebay Store     Deb's About Me page


Eni Oken

Eni is a wonderful Jewelry Artist, from Los Angeles.  When I asked her to design a bail for me, she came up with the design below.  I use it and one of her other bails as well.  Her work is so detailed and intriguing I visit her site a lot just to see what she has been up to.

Eni's Website   Another piece with my Shell



  Karen Strauss

Karen lives in the Bahamas, a place on my retirement list!!!  Karen lived in Southern Oregon for awhile so we had lots to chat about.  She is a really neat lady and her work is great too.

Karen's email Addy






Last updated:  Saturday March 01, 2008