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Carnevale di Venezia 2006


To be in Venezia during Carnevale is a completely different experience.  The energy of the city changes as it because filled with the sites and sounds of years gone by.  I tried to capture the sights on film which you can see here, but there is so much of Venezia that is the sounds and smells too, that it is hard to truly relay the feeling of being there.

So sit back, enjoy the pictures and think of medieval music (drums and trumpets) echoing through the ancient buildings around you.  The air is crisp and winter clean with a hint of the smell of the Lagoons aqua blue water drifting in on the light breeze.  Piazza San Marco is packed with Venetians, and foreigners from every country imaginable.  The talk is light and gay and in all the languages of the world, while the sound of church bells call out the time.

Carnevale opening parade:



The look that is Carnevale:



Then there is just the look that is Venezia:


Then there is my new favorite shopping grounds, Burano, the lace is to die for!!  Check out the laundry hanging out to dry, everything matches the house that it belongs too.  What a special place and a photographers dream:


Then of course there is Murano, the whole reason for my trip. 


Ofilia out did herself with arranging the trip, we were treated to endless peeks into the private workings of Murano, all thanks to her.  The Studio below is that of Davide Salvadore, it was fascinating to watch him, his son and crew work their magic with a massive piece of glass.


Hope you have enjoyed this small sampling of Venezia, Burano & Murano. 

Ciao until next time.


P.S.  If you haven't had enough, visit this wonderful site pigeonpointglass.com/murano_experience Janelle took some great shots last year when she was in Venezia & Murano!!! 


Last updated:  Saturday March 01, 2008