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Artist Bio

When I was little we lived in Southern California, and every weekend (it seemed like at that age), we would go to the Farmers Market LA. There were two places in the market where I had to go to - the first was the bakery where they had the best Ginger Cookies and you could smell the spices all the way in the parking lot.  They were shaped like animals or characters; the Snoopy ones were my favorite.  The second place was the glass blower's shop.  He was a Pyrex glassblower like they have at Disneyland.  He made all the animals and things, but what I remember most are the big ships he made.  They sat in the window and sparkled like floating diamonds, as the sun reflected off them.  I think this was when I truly fell in love with glass - over 35 years ago in the mid 60’s to early 70’s.

Fast forward to 3 years ago, Christmas 2001. I started making jewelry for fun and gifts for friends & co-workers & soon found myself going to bead shows and buying beautiful handmade glass beads. The beads intrigued me, so I started learning more about them.

In May of 2003 I took a business trip to Scotland.  I looked up lampworking glass makers on the web and could only find one place to visit: Village Glass in the Bridge of Allen (love the name). It is just below Stirling Scotland (think of Mel Gibson & Braveheart). I had two days to travel the countryside before my work began, so my friend Carmen came along on the trip.

We found the glassblower's shop and all my childhood memories came flooding back, including the cookies.  At the bakery across the street they don’t have ginger cookies, but they have the best shortbread cookies - shortbread topped with a thick layer of caramel and then covered with chocolate.  Heaven!!!

We spent hours in the glassblower’s studio, and we talked about bead making and all the things I would need to have, and where to get them.  What he could not tell me was who to learn from back home.

I was now bitten with the bead-making bug and started looking around to find where to learn how to make them. I came across the ISGB website and their Educational Resource page. I skimmed down to Oregon and there was a class, but no pictures of the artist’s work.  I am a very visual person and want to see examples of things. So I went to see if there were any classes in California. Lo and behold - there was Loren Stump, STUMPCHUCK. I had no idea who he was at the time; I just knew I wanted to learn from him. So in August of 2003 I scheduled my first lampworking glass with Loren in February 2004. Shortly after I scheduled my class I joined the WetCanvas Forum and quickly figured out that Loren’s class might be a little over my head.  So I searched again for a school in Oregon and found Bullseye Glass, which is close to where I live. I scheduled the next available class on beginning bead making. It was a 2-day class with Bonnie Celeste (formerly Harder); I learned to make my first round beads:

I fell in love with glass all over again.  Even after Bonnie’s class I felt that I still might not be ready for Loren, so I searched for some one-on-one classes.

I looked on WetCanvas to see where I might take a class and found Deb Crowley, The Glasshive.  I spent 3 wonderful days with Deb in December 2003 and learned so much from her.   Deb & Mike are both very giving people and have such a passion for glass.

In October before my class with Deb, I had bought a Hothead to practice on.  I set it up in the garage, the light was awful & it was cold!!!  So when I found my “Real World” job was going away, due to the sale of the company, I decided to build my own little studio.


This is my “Purple Barn” as my dad calls it.  I was fortunate enough to receive a very large check from my company to finance my studio; it has everything I need and a large amount of glass inventory.

It is my own little oasis.   The studio was finished by the 31st of December and ready for me to practice my heart out until my class with Loren.



So finally it was February and I was off to Loren’s Class.  I learned so much in Loren’s class, about how glass works and flows.  He teaches so much more then just how to make something, and he teaches you why it happens.  I was also very lucky on this trip to meet Maire-Claude Chapman from Australia.  We roomed together and just had a ball, I had so much fun and learned so much on this trip that I scheduled the Loren II class that was 6 weeks later.


  Loren’s second class in March was just as great as my first one, and I added even more skills and refined others.  It was in the second class that I developed the idea for my flower vases.  

This was my first vase.



In June I attended a Multi-Guild show in Portland and met Jessica Vasi of Vasi DesignShe is a very talented Silversmith with an eye for color. Jessica and I now work together on collaborative items like her wrapped beads pendants, and our fun disk bracelets.  These items are shown under the VTS label on this site.  Please visit her website to see more of her wonderful items.



The last week in June brought "The Gathering" to Portland.  This is the annual convention of the ISBG.  I was fortunate enough to meet some new friends and watch demos from some of the biggest names in bead making.  It was four days of nothing but glass and making friends.  What more could a girl want? 



The very next weekend I had my first show in Sisters, Oregon at The Sisters Bead Stampede.  This was the first year for the show, and I had an exhausting time.  I lost my voice for 2 weeks, but I will be back there next year.  If you get a chance, stop by my booth - you can't miss it!!

My latest adventure is with ISGB.  In October of 2004 I was appointed to the Board of Directors as the International Regional Director.  My "Real World" job is dealing with International Business & Finance, so this position is perfect for me, matching what I love and my professional training.

So that is how this all came to be.  I am very lucky that I have a husband who would do anything for me & supports me in the things I do.  I also have the world’s greatest son and family & friends who stand behind me 1000%.  I am also very lucky that God has given me a way to express my love of nature and express my creative side.   

I hope you have enjoyed learning about me, and will come back to my site many times to watch my growth.   Check out my "What's new" page to see what has been happening since I started my website.

Au revoir
Auf Wiedersehen


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Last updated:  Saturday March 01, 2008