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Photos for my International Friends







These are some photos that I took to show some of the international members of ISGB.  I thought I would share them with everyone.


The Gathering Bead Bazaar, Kansas City MO. 

International ISGB Members table

Here are some photos of the table at the Gathering.  The table was almost dead center in the middle of the room.  There was a lot of traffic all day, and lots of people that looked for the table.  The one thing I would change for next time would be a sign declaring what the table was.  So if someone does this next year, I will suggest that to them.

Once again thank you all for allowing me the privilege of doing this.


Here is the front view of the table at the Gathering   The side view of table
Amnon , Erez , Alyal , Robyn (Right front & Upper Left) -  Israel PEtra  (Lower left)- Germany

Robyn makes these wonderful huge hollows, Amnon has great Cosmo beads.  Their sons also each had a bead or two.

Petra shared a vast amount of styles, but her flowers had to be my favorite, so delicate and detailed.

  Julie (Right)& Lorraine (Left)- Australia

Lovely delicate beads from both of these ladies.  Julies hearts are so sweet U Lorraine has great detail.  Also Julie stayed in the booth with me most of the day.  She gave me a couple of breaks so I could go shopping.  Thanks Jules and HUGS!!!

  Toshimasa Masui - Japan

Toshimasa makes the most amazingly detailed beads.  His demo was so enlightening too.  I have a picture of his $400 bead, but it is very blurry.  DARN IT!!!!!

  Francesca  - UK

Francesca has some really fun Whimsy Beads.  I just love her "Don't mess with Goldie" Beads

Dora - Germany

Dora has a wonderful sense of detail and my favorite lentil sold. It is the amber and blue one on the top right.



Mike (Top) -UK

Ingrid (Bottom) -South Africa

Mike's beads become more detailed every time I see them.  He even has gotten into "Real Colors"!!

Ingrid's beads are totally tribal.

  Rachelle - Israel

Since Fairies are one of my all time favorite things, you can just imagine how "Gah Gah" I am for Rachelle's beads. 



  Michelle - Australia

Michelle's Great Barrier Reef beads make me so home sick for diving.....guess I know what my next vacation need to be....

Now to the Sisters show. 

I am hoping that all or some of you will join me there next year.  This time I will make sure the box arrives!!!!  Sisters has been restored to look like the 1880's wild west.  All new buildings must comply with this look too, and most shops even have there inside decor done this way.  So Welcome to Sisters Oregon, it is approx 3 hours SE of Portland, on the East Side of the Cascade Mountain Range. 

  Top left - The West end of town, the show is about 1 1/2 blocks East of the start of town.  The large cloud in the background is actual smoke from a forest fire.  It started on Friday early in the morning, it was caused by lighting. (As of today Aug 19, it is still going and has started approaching the resort a few miles from downtown.)

Top right - Looking East into town.  The yellow building on the left side (way down the street) is the Saloon.  It is so cute and really makes you feel like you have stepped back in time.

Middle right & Lower Right - Close ups of some of the buildings on the North side of the street.

The only thing I would change about Sisters is the Cars!!!  I would love to see horses and wagons roaming the streets again.

This is HWY 20, it is the main street in town, and one of only a couple of was to get into Central Oregon

  Sisters only has 2 real streets with stores on them.  This is the other street, Hood.  The show runs between HWY 20, and Hood.  There is a small park area and a "green space"  See more picture below of these.

This is looking at the SW side of Hood

  This is the NW side of Hood.  The Green building is a cute little Arts & Crafts type gallery.
  This is looking at the SE side of hood.  The blue building houses the bead store that sponsors the show. - Out West Designs


  This is looking due south of my booth.  I have the very end booth on the south end of the show, right on the street.

The white SUV is mine, and I can't remember what the building is in front of it.

Now to the actual show. 

This is looking south, standing on the north end of the show, with my back to HWY 20.

There were 28 artist tents, and some had more then one artist in them, including mine.  These pictures were taken early on Sunday.  On Saturday it was packed from Open till Close.  We even stayed open an extra hour.



  This is the waterfall and pond that are in this very small park.  I really wanted the first booth on this end, just so I could listen to the water.  It was so lovely.
  This is the cute bathroom, if there is such a thing.  Fortunately only the outside is styled in 1880's.  The inside has all of the modern plumbing you could want!!!
Just past the bathrooms the show widens to two booths.  The booths on the left (East) are in actual parking spots of one of the towns restaurants.


Behind the booths on the West side is the green space.  There is a little dry creek that runs through it. 

Right - You can see the Arts & Crafts Gallery though the trees here.

Below Left - is the front side of the Arts & Crafts Galley

Below Right - One of the  little bridge across the dry creek.  There was another one right by me and it  that brought customers right into my booth.


This is looking North from the south end of the show.  This is standing just outside my booth.  
And here is my booth.  I shared my space with a friend of mine that hadn't made it into the show before it sold out.  Her table is the one that you can see the back side of.

I really don't like all of the metal in these tents, so I dress mine up a little to get rid of that cold impersonal feel.  Because we had sun beating in the South side I have the white side up on that side.  Then on the side behind me I have my backdrop.  It is a shower curtain with lovely "Girly" pictures.

This is looking down my side of the booth.  Notice the mirrors, there are two of them, we place them there to draw people into the the space, right to were I had the flyers about you guys.  
Last but not least is a picture of the few items that I did have.  They are Michelle's.  The frame picture in the back is a list of all of you with your contact information.  Nice bold colors of Red and Gold.  The flyers are tucked under the corner of the plate in front. (the wind wanted to take them away.)  The flyers look just like the picture, except they are in black and white. 


Well I hope you enjoyed this little tour, and I hope now you can see why I love this little Oregon town and the show they put on.



Last updated:  Saturday March 01, 2008