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Murano & Venezia:

I'll try not to bore you with the normal tourist pictures, I only have 826 from this trip, but instead I'll give you a little flavor of what you'll see if you take a trip for a glass workshop.  Of course Venezia is known for its canals, so I have to include a few pictures of the narrow passage ways of water.

These first ones are actually in Venezia (Venice).  The one thing that I loved most about Venezia and Murano was the sense of family.  You walk past the homes at night and you can hear the families laughing and talking, without the sound of video games or televisions, I might add.  And as you stroll past the restaurants they are filled with large tables of multigenerational groups sharing the evening meal with lots of wine and merriment. 

The picture to the right is of the entrance to the Grand Canal with the Dogana di Mara and Santa Maria della Salute off to the left. This is one of the places that I didnít get to visit on my first trip and I will be visiting for sure on my next.  The picture below is looking into a small alcove that the sun was shining into.



What would a trip to Italy be if you didn't go shopping, or at least window shopping!  Unlike in the US most of the stores are closed early in the evening during the week, at least during the off tourist season when I was there.  So all you can do after class is roam the streets and dream that it is your non class day so you can go shopping!!!

    Of course there are the masks and what would a trip to Venezia be without a search for the prefect mask?  Just a tip: if you find a place when you are out at night that you want to go back to later, make sure you write down the address!!!  It will save you days of searching for it later!!!!  Trust me I know from experience.  Also please excuse the window glare in the pictures.
There are several modes of transportation, your feet being the most widely used during your stay, so good shoes are a must.  Besides your feet there is the Vaporetto (waterbus), ride out in the back for a great view of everything.  The big yellow boats are the Alilaguna, and these are the water buses to & from the airport.  There are also very expensive water taxies and then the last picture is one that I hope no one that visits has to use!!!  There are also traghettos that cross the Grand Canal. You have to stand in these while two rowers row you across the canal.  Iíll have to get a picture this next trip.





  So now that I have teased you long enough here are the pictures of Murano.  Might as well start off with the room, this is inside one of four apartments used for the Lucio workshops.  The courtyard is the common laundry hanging area for all four apartments.  Each apartment has a small kitchen (no pic of that) and two of them have small living rooms.  This one had the largest living area, where we would get together for meals and to use the computer.  This room also has a loft with 2 beds and the smallest bathroom with a shower that you canít even turn around in. Ofilia donít give me this one again, please!!!

Now the sights of Murano.  The first one on the left is the view from the window of this apartment. and the second one is from the bridge that crosses the central E/W canal and takes you to Lucio's studio.  The apartment is the white building on the righthand side in background.


If you are lucky enough to visit the place where Lucio makes his vases, it is on the North side of Murano, you will see these sences.  The fornace is the little door, to the left of the big green door in the picture below- right.  When I was getting ready for my trip, I searched the web for pictures of Murano and I couldn't find very many.  But I did find several other lampworker sites and one of them mentioned the lack of color in both Venezia and Murano, so every chance I got I took pictures of all the colors.
One night we went to one of the oldest fornaces on Murano, and watched it being "fed".  The power was amazing and words and pictures cannot begin to describe the energy that was coming from the fornace as it was roaring at full charge.  The whole room was vibrating and the flames were licking out through the small doors begging to be fed their supper of the secret Murano formula.  Do try to see this monthly event if you get a chance, it is AMAZING, to watch the birth of glass.
These are on the East side of the island, the first two are of the glass museum and then the next two are of the church and the base of the bell tower.

This one is looking towards the east canal, from the main central E/W canal.  The bell tower  in the picture below left is the one seen in the pictures above.
These are of the Central canal that flows N/S      
This vessel was docked on the central canal that runs E/W, the far East canal is in the background.
Then of course there is shopping in Murano!!!!  Can you guess what is in every store in Murano, except for the Co-op???  Glass of course.
    This last piece is of course one of Lucio's, and the glass blower below is the piece that I brought home with me!!!  Also, a goblet that was made for me (left) by another one of our teachers.
If you have any special interest about Murano or Venezia I am more then willing to share more of my pictures.  Just contact me via email.
Ciao!!!!  Debi


Last updated:  Saturday March 01, 2008