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"Octopus Garden"

photos by: Jerry Anthony


photos by: Jerry Anthony


“Octopus Garden” is a class piece from Loren Stump’s “Mystery Class” June 2005. All components were made on a torch and then assembled in the kiln with a handheld torch.

This piece is in tribute to the victims of the December 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. This formation and animal life can be found there at the depths of 10’ to 65’.

Dio guarisce rapidamente le acque


    I am currently working on the components for a second piece that will be a tribute to the victims of  the 2005 Hurricane Katrina.  The ISGB's annual "Gathering" was to be held in New Orleans in August of 2006, so this event has hit home on many, many levels for me. 

This next piece will be of marine life from the Gulf Coast, with the featured animal possible being a "Spotted Eagle Ray" or  "Southern Stingray" or maybe even a "Leafy Seadragon".





Last updated:  Saturday March 01, 2008