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What's New:

February 29, 2008

Wow, I can't believe how time flies  Must be the "getting older thing". 

I have been getting some flack from customers and friends that I haven't updated my site in a while.  So I figured I would take a few hours and write a good update on things. 

You might notice that my WebStore is closed at the minute.  I am in the process of (slowly) revamping it and looking at what I am going to actual carry on it. Some of the features are not what I would like, for instance when you order a custom made piece, I don't see what choices you have selected.  So that issue has to be resolved.  The other issue is I have gotten so busy with work I just don't have time to maintain even weekly specials.  I need to figure out how to do something that is simple and easy to maintain, yet give my customers some variety and keeps interest up.  So stay tune, and in the meantime just email me if you are interested in anything.

Not only has my work life gotten crazy but home life too.  My husband. Bob, had an accident last August and shattered his left femur.  He has had two surgeries and is still unable to put full weight on it because the bone is not growing back.  There is between 4 and 6 inches of bone missing.  So, hubby is home 24/7 and that doesn't warrant itself to a lot of studio time.  But I am hoping as Spring comes around and the days are longer I will have more time to be creative.

I was able to get away right after Bob's accident to spend a couple weeks in Europe.  Check my Europe 2007 page to see some pics and get all the details.  The short version is, I was honored to have one of my shells excepted into a showing in Sar-Potteries, France.  I decided to take a trip over for the reception and gathering of artist that they had in September.  My mom joined me for her first trip east of the Mississippi.  I spent several days in London, then took a train to Brussels met up with mom, then it was on to France for the rest of the trip.  I had such a wonderful time that I am thinking of going back in 2009 as it is a bi-annual event in Sars-Potteries.  I am thinking of putting together a group to take the trip too.  It would be some days in London and the onto the Bead Festival for three days then finally some sightseeing in different locations in France.  If you are interested please email me for details.  I am looking for beadmakers that would be interested in doing demos as well as people who just want to see Europe, great Art & beautiful Nature.  I don't have all the details worked out, but I will soon.  The trip would be the last weekend in August 2009 (Aug 28th or 29th) and be anywhere from 7 to 14 days (Sept 5th or 12th), or longer if you wanted to add on days on either side.  I don't know the exact date of the receptions, so this dates might move. Email me if you are interested debi@torchdancerstudio.com.   I will post more details as I get them.

Now as far as the art I am actually doing.  I am still working on Baby Fred, he is just way way way behind schedule.  I have some more tools (like a new "little torch") that I needed to finish the job, as well as a rebuilt kiln to handle some of the preheating that will have to be done.  But Baby Fred is a warm weather project as I have to have all the windows open and the door too.  The flame is just really big and hot and it a lot more comfortable working when you can breath!

Lastly I have been working on some PMC pieces to coordinate with my glass shells, to help in making finished pieces.  I have made some bails, charms, pendants & links.  Here are some pictures of the unfinished pieces.


(Here are the pieces after I got done with the patina, or at least the first go round of the patina.)


They still need some refining, but that will come with practice.

I should have some clasps to help pull all of the pieces together too.  I am also working on some mixed media pieces that at I will have done for the GAS conference here in Portland.  Well try and post that too when it is done.

Hugs to everyone and Happy Jewelry making!





Last updated:  Saturday March 15, 2008